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The Background

The client, a major hospital in the USA with 1500+ staff members, use the Salesforce Platform to manage their day to day activities. The client’s objective, to enhance employee engagement and with a plan to implement 20 Salesforce communities for the organisation’s multiple departments. The requirement included access to customized content access ensuring engagement and collaboration with individuals, groups and cross departments.

• Health

• Salesforce – Community Cloud

The Girikon Team Solution

Girikon conducted discovery workshops to understand the details behind the requirements. The requirements included a high number of communities which Salesforce Community cloud could not handle at the time with consideration on the high licencing cost to proceed with the initial requirement.

Girikon’s discovery phase yielding a better understanding and was better equipped to propose a solution. Girikon proposed a solution with a complete re-engineered design including a plan to redesign the Salesforce data setup and recommended the concept of a single Salesforce community implementation to reduce the cost of licencing and each department handled with the introduction of a custom attribute.

Girikon’s solution for the Salesforce Community Cloud enabled the clients to manager customized content through this method for each group and individual. This would ultimately achieve the objectives set out by the client, add value and reduce the licensing cost.

Key Highlights and Features

  • The client was supportive of the changes proposed by Girikon. The solution designed and developed enabled each department to be assigned to a customised attribute hence all employees individually and at a group level would be re-directed individualised home pages with customised content and specific access-based links.
  • The home pages also accommodation posting of ideas, case management and knowledge articles to ensure collaboration across individuals and groups.
  • Question and Answer sections ensured engagement between management and staff and assisted with the overall effectiveness of the employees
  • Salesforce Community Manager was a key feature for managing community specific content and access levels and restrictions
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