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Deliver the power of AI with Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce Einstein is a layer of intelligence within the Salesforce that brings powerful Artificial Intelligence to everyone, right on their device.

With Einstein, administrators and developers can build and deploy build smarter apps that enhance the customer experience.

Understand And Engage
Understand customers better and engage.

Get deeper insights about your customers from data and information of past interactions.

Use these insights to drive deeper relationships, and prioritise leads, service tickets and campaigns to fast track your business growth.

Boost Productivity
Work better with Einstein as your data scientist on the cloud.

Now get more done in a shorter amount of time from your employees with intelligent case segmentation and recommendations s and next best actions.

Empower them with the information they need faster than ever, and automate the best action to take.

Scale Customer Experiences
Deliver more personalised customer service faster than ever.

Use smart bots to address common customer queries and allows your service agents to address more complex support cases.

Empower your service reps with AI that allows them to take on challenging cases with recommendations, responses, and information.

Innovate and automate with AI across Salesforce. FAST!

Empower everyone with built-in intelligence to engage better, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences at scale.

Service Cloud Einstein

Bring AI to your CRM data across service channels.

Deliver more intelligent, rewarding self-service.

Empower customers to resolve routine issues with Einstein Bots —chatbots that can take action on routine tasks like checking status updates or order modification using natural language processing.

Eliminate waiting time and reduce handling time.

Engage your customers immediately with Einstein Bots at the very first interaction. Einstein Bots can manage more complex requests by collecting and qualifying customer information for seamless handover to the right agent.

Build Einstein Bots with just a few clicks.

Creating your own CRM-connected chatbots is easier than ever before. Easily link it to your business processes and back-end systems. Einstein Bot Builder has with a visual and guided to get your bots going.

Make every service rep robotic.

Service Cloud Einstein saves time for your agents time and helps them resolve issues faster. They can use AI to analyse incoming cases to make predictions, enable automatic sorting and routing, and get next-step recommendations.

Deploy and Configure Einstein AI rapidly.

Einstein is simple to set up, deploy, modify, and monitor for performance. All due to the native Salesforce UI and intuitive controls. And because it’s native to the Salesforce, Einstein works across all channels, and all CRM data.

Get the most out of AI with best practices. Faster.

Quickly learn how to use AI to drive productivity across the organization. Drive customer happiness with online training, AI knowledge base, and best-practices repository.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Turn data into deals with AI.

Build a faster, bigger pipeline with Einstein Lead Scoring.

Manage your best leads first with Einstein Lead Scoring. Based on deal history, Einstein intelligently prioritises leads that are most likely to close.

Identify the winners with Einstein Opportunity Insights.

What are the chances that your deal will close? Get accurate answers in real time and explore customer outlook, competitor participation, and holistic prospect engagement with Einstein Opportunity Insights.

Save significant time with Einstein Activity Capture.

Give sales teams more time to sell by connecting your email and calendar to Salesforce. Einstein connects all relevant emails and meetings to the right record in Salesforce, eliminating data entry and augmenting staff productivity.

Enrich relationships with Einstein Account Insights.

Get a view of key business developments that touch your accounts in one place with Einstein Account Insights in the Salesforce Lightning Sales Console.


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