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Business has become very competitive these days, and there is an imminent need for a secure and reliable software infrastructure, with high performance, easy installation, multi-platform and device compatibility, disaster recovery capability and more. Enterprises are increasingly depending on outsourcing quality assurance of their entire application infrastructure. QA outsourcing ensures delivery of software that meets all customer requirements and drives the scale of their business.

QA Outsourcing Approach

Girikon is a one stop destination for all your software quality needs. We offer a range of testing services ranging from specific requirements to assure quality of a certain aspect of your software to complete QA outsourcing. Our highly experienced test engineers and managers have the right expertise in Quality Assurance, and deliver testing uniquely suited for your business.

It is a known fact that Quality Assurance of your software optimizes the performance of your business. Outsourced Quality Assurance services offered by Girikon will ensure that your software products are verified and validated to perform exactly as they are expected to.

We offer a complete bouquet of Quality Assurance Outsourcing Services:

Quality Assurance Assessment
Test Planning
Test Architecture and Methodology
Mobile App Testing
Test Automation
Testing Case Development
Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Usability Testing
Multi-Platform Compatibility Testing
Integration Testing
Regression Testing

With us, you get a custom approach to your Quality Assurance needs that is uniquely suited for your business. Our team of testing experts will conduct all the necessary testing that is required to deliver a great user experience for your users. Our services model is flexible, which means you can retain complete control over your testing programs and schedules.

Our End-to-End Quality Assurance Model

At Girikon, we work in close coordination with development and user teams. We adopt a cooperative approach to augment testing output and apply industry proven strategies to overcome any challenges associated with the testing process such as like lack of coordination between development and testing teams, hidden costs, overlooked defects, ambiguous reports, and more. Our QA model includes:


Right from developing & reviewing QA plans to establishing test strategy, we prepare a thorough plan for the entire testing lifecycle. Moreover, our approach involves developing Quality Assurance estimations and establishing clear roles & responsibilities for all members involved.


After preparing the test plans and test strategy documents, our QA team reviews test requirements going through every detail. We also address the aspects of change control and test cycle control.


This process involves design review, developing test scripts based on use case scenarios, capacity estimation and planning and establishing KPIs. Test model development and preparing test environment, establishing post-deployment validation methodology, and establishing the data requirements are also a part of this process.


In this step, our testing teams do a code review & finalise the test scripts. Other activities included in this step are creating the test environment, aggregating test data, and do service virtualization.


As the name suggests, this is the execution phase. The testing teams execute the test cases, following which test reports are created. Also, initiating the user acceptance test (UAT), performance testing, & application configuration management is covered in this step.


Once the application’s operational readiness is verified and validated, it is deployed for production, with regular and consistent performance management and monitoring.


In this last step, the testing teams review KPI trends, do a risk assessment and undergo continuous improvement. We also arrive at the cost of quality assurance, prepare automation plans and associated test scripts, and optimize the regression test plan.

What do you get with Outsourced QA programs

Girikon’s QA outsourcing ensures that you get high-class software that meets your business needs and at a market friendly cost.

Our QA outsourcing provides:


Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for your Quality Assurance setup


No additional investment in infrastructure


Unmatched quality delivered within an agile framework


Leverage top-tier technology stack and knowledge base

Benefits of QA outsourcing with Girikon
Commitment to your success

Reliability and trust are the lifeblood of any relationship. We work with complete commitment with our clients to ensure we deliver world class software for their users while also recommending upgrades to your software as we deem appropriate.

Smart team scalability

Our agile framework allows us to ramp up Quality Assurance teams quickly. Not only that we scale them up or down as and when required.

QA best practices

Our expertise is backed by decades of man years spent on relevant domain and technology experience.

Adherence to high standards

With over a decade of delivering value to our clients, we have created a culture of excellence for delivering world class defect-free software to our clients. All while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

Unmatched flexibility

We always endeavour to find the most appropriate solution to best fit every client’s unique business needs.

Discover how Girikon can unlock the true potential of your software with our QA Outsourcing services.

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