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Life Sciences Industry in this modern world faces real time challenges in managing huge data resulting from Bio-Technology research activity, reduction of product pipelines and firm regulations.

Companies are therefore taking up the IT initiative on a fast-track to mitigate the challenges and striving for implementation of new business process, models, automated workflow and solutions to optimize the costs, reduce time to market for drugs meeting regulatory requirements & improve the value chain responsiveness and agility.

We have team of professionals including domain and technical consultants who help research organizations with their IT needs. We help Research Labs in developing hi-tech information & management system to aid in the research.

Our service offerings include:

  • Implementing Custom/tailor made IT solutions supporting global supply chain
  • Controlled records and document management solutions.
  • Clinical Trials Data Management
  • Data integration and Big data analytics
  • Cloud enabled Clinical trials, Data analytics and internal communications solutions
  • Deep sequencing on biological samples for various genetic and oncology experiments

Featured Solutions

Crom DX

CromCenter is a secure and extensible data analysis and project management suite built for managing and analyzing large scale next generation sequence data on high performance computing environment. It is a web-based platform that enables storage, analysis, sharing and reporting of analysis results on a collaborative environment. This suite integrates pre-defined NGS pipelines with best-in-class software tools optimized for quality analysis and biological and clinical interpretation of sequencing data.

Crom Lab

Online Portal that provide facilities of path lab through web portal for different medical test. User can purchase the different medical test from the portal. This application is built on Phython (Django framework).


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