Client Testimonials

I noticed several differences between Girikon and the previous firm that we engaged with. The major difference was the daily communication. I was not only able to jump on a phone call once a day to answer any questions, bounce my ideas to the team and receive progress updates, but also received a daily progress report with upcoming tasks.
It is impossible to create something that runs perfectly every time, and our projects were no exception to this rule. I appreciated that we both understood this, and we were always able to work through bugs and enhancements quickly and smoothly.
Our engagement with Girikon has been a great learning experience for me, as an individual; as well as added to our company’s growth and experience. I now, so confidently know that when I hand off a new project to the Girikon team, it is not just going to be done on time, but also done well!
We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with Girikon.
Mark Homer: CEO, GNGF, USA
We at Go! Go! World have had the pleasure of working with the team at Girikon these past few months on a very niche project involving multilingual Salesforce B2C management. It was a project that a previous developer had tried to create for us, but failed.
Girikon managed to analyze, plan, and execute our needs perfectly. They took the time to learn our business and our needs specifically. Due to this, they were able to deliver the basics of the system that we required, and even suggested new features that we did not previously think was possible. Their work ethic and understanding of our needs were top-notch and we definitely would not have been able to receive such a product without their work.
Go! Go! World is absolutely looking forward to working with Girikon for future projects.
Chris Baek: COO, K.K. GoGo World
I would like to recommend Girikon LLC as a software development partner. This organization provided us with a detailed quote for the platform for our web startup, a few different project plans for different cash-flow scenarios, and regular feedback and communication as we progressed. We are pleased to have Girikon as part of our team and plan to continue to work with them as we grow our revenue streams.Thank you, Girikon!
Amy S.: CEO, Shpppr, USA
The prime intent of Sierra was to partner with someone who could provide affordable solutions & a talent pool of highly skilled resources. At Girikon we got both
Nilesh Parate: CEO, Sierra Proto Express, USA
We have been extremely impressed with all of our projects with Girikon. Just so, that this doesn’t come across as another quick ‘yes they are great’ review, I want to give proper context to why we have been so impressed.
We went to Girikon after a very disappointing engagement with another Salesforce development firm based in the same Midwest region wherein the project had to be dropped as nothing worked there as promised. Over the course of the next four months, we completed more than ten projects together, with one of the largest being the project we tried with the other firm!
Girikon has helped streamline our internal processes, and made our daily work environment a better place to be. Our work together has reduced the amount of tedious “plug-and-chug” work, helped us to innovate new processes, and allowed us to focus on helping our clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Girikon in the future, and continuing to improve our company with their help!
Joe Brodar: Internal Development Strategist, GNGF, USA
At NSC our primary product was entrenched in pre 2000 technologies, paradigms and interfaces, not only did Girikon upgrade us, they did so with very minimal interference to existing business activities.
A job well done and delivered to our satisfaction
We evaluated more than five different companies and chose Girikon as our technology partner. What I appreciate most about their services is that they always deliver with quality as what they communicate.
Girikon provided our company end to end solution for e-commerce.
Nitin Agarwal: Founder Director, Bigshoebazaar (
I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding service, which we receive from Girikon. As you know, we have our software for about 7 years now, and we still receive the same dedicated service that we received from day one. Very few companies today offer this ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.
I highly recommend Girkon as a development and IT partner.
Chandranath Som: Jt. Dy. Director General, FIEO
Our company hired Girikon in 2015 to create a web-based application and associated infrastructure. In my role as ​Chief Systems Architect for Shpppr LLC, I helped write the requirements for our solution and developed our Request For Proposal (RFP). We were looking for a partner to provide domain knowledge in order to realize our application design, and we certainly found that partner in Girikon LLC.
We provided Girikon with a detailed RFP with requirements for our application. Girikon made a thoughtful, detailed, analysis of our proposal, asking the right questions and suggesting changes that would ultimately contribute to a better product. Girikon’s resulting proposal was professional, thorough, and fair.
Our team was included in all phases of design and development, resulting in a close collaboration. A every stage, Girikon employees were knowledgeable, expert, and courteous. Communication between our teams was continuous, productive, and flexible.
We have been very happy with Girikon and the service they have provided Shpppr, and the work-product that resulted from our collaboration. We will not hesitate to engage Girikon for future projects.
Jay S.: Technical Advisor, Shpppr, USA