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Girikon, a development partner we believe the platform is and will continue to remain the unparalleled cloud computing platform. The is power-packed, very nimble, highly scalable and has a secure architecture. In addition to these features it offers seamless integration with varied technologies.

Girikon’s experience with dates to its inception and boasts multi-domain development experience, become our development partner and we will drive huge reductions in your Time-to-Market, development and support costs. Girikon is cost effective due its agile and disciplined approach, focused requirements discovery phases and highly accelerated delivery timelines. Girikon has extensive experience in helping you re-invent your legacy systems on the platform.

Girikon, a development company will help you maximize your ROI on all your Salesforce investments.

Our 100% customer satisfaction target is inherently embedded in our delivery model!

Our Salesforce Implementation services include:

Collaborative Discovery and Project Envisioning

Girikon’s certified onshore/offshore development team will collaborate through the Discovery Stage of the Implementation then evaluate and assess your existing technology, use cases and systems. We understand that every business is different, Girikon’s experienced Salesforce Consultants will develop a product feature list and develop a set of user stories. They will further conduct a detailed requirements analysis and feasibility study which will assist making the right decisions while you are shaping your product. License Consultancy

Try our Salesforce Consulting – Licence services. Our clients benefit from the experience gained from our development experts and their Licencing knowledge. With so many Salesforce licences on offer it sometime is confusing to work through what is the suitability of the product and the most cost-effective licence type for your business. Additionally, license costs can be very costly when there are plans for larger more complex requirements deployments.

Our Salesforce Consultants frequently advise clients how to choose a custom-fit licencing combination to meet requirements including suitability of functionality and budget limitations.

Prototyping on

Girikon’s a specialised development company, agile and with experience is developing features on the Post Discovery phase and based on the high-level product feature set, our development consultants and UI designers can produce a fast turn-around interactive prototype.

The prototype and showcase will assist with Salesforce user adoption including a working UI in its raw state will help users feel and see the envisioned product. This in turn will enable our team to validate the technical feasibility and gather user feedback from the outset and throughout the project.

Agile App Development with a focus on process efficiencies and Innovation

Girikon’s executable and repeatable agile delivery model allows for the delivery of potentially shippable products through the product development phase or more specifically at every iteration and/or end of each sprint. Girikon’s distributed agile practices ensures a high-quality standard through well-defined acceptance criteria and definition of done (DoD). The product which incorporates the App Development is easy-to-use, scalable and provides engaging end user interactions/experiences.

Girikon’s team of Salesforce Consultants will never miss an opportunity to innovate, constantly striving understand the business and recommend the best ways to automate, streamline, and simplify even the most complex business processes.

Production / Salesforce AppExchange Go Live Support

Girikon’s agile delivery model allows for agility in Salesforce Support or Hype-Support iteration-based product launches of the App Development or for big bang go live phases.

Girikon’s focus on management of environments and the dependencies during the go live phase is essential. The stringent QA process post deployments dictates quality tests on Salesforce Sandbox and production servers to ensure a smooth Go Live.

Girikon is a Salesforce AppExchange partner and therefore can package, publish and manage applications on the AppExchange providing further flexibility to our customers.

Legacy Data Migration to

Choose Girikon as a development Partner and we will ensure your legacy data is migrated to you Salesforce Solution as we understand the need and sense of urgency about your data, legacy or current. Based on this, we design specific solutions for cost-effective enterprise-grade migration within optimal time limits and carried out in an appropriate window to reduce the business impact.

Our seasoned development team have the right balance of knowledge and experience required to successfully tackle the most complex data migration challenges. Our Salesforce Data Migration Services include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization, validation and import into Salesforce.

Support, Training & Documentation

As a development Company, Girikon pride itself on its people. Our consultants are certified, trained, have the require knowledge and well-equipped to provide critical ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement support services for the Salesforce Platform. Our knowledge of the Salesforce Platform sets us up to assist you with your training and documentation related specific needs.

Bolt-On Integrations

Girikon’s onshore/offshore development team have an in-depth expertise to identify solutions and incorporate bolt integrations to other cloud and traditional business critical systems including finance systems. Girikon’s development team are skilled at designing, developing custom adapters or configuring and pre-built adapters.

Why Choose Us as Your Development Partner

Quality with On Time Delivery: Girikon is an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to a quality delivery outcome and strive for continuous improvement and providing superior services across our entire business.

We take pride in delivering on-time, every time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Experienced:Girikon’s team comprises of 300+ dynamic, seasoned and qualified professionals who have a vast experience in Information Technology, experience with leading Technology Platforms and vast industry experience. We boast greater than 70 individual Salesforce Consultant Certifications, are proud of our Strong Customer Testimonials and have delivered over 400 quality projects on time and on budget.

Girikon’s Salesforce Developers work onsite/onshore and/or offshore. Our customers and services are many and varied, from Fortune 500 companies implementing large E-Business programs to small-medium enterprises implementing sophisticated solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

Girikon’s experience of over 150,000 days in Salesforce Support, implementation, consulting, integration, migration, customization and development.

Blended Onshore/Offshore Model: Girikon’s business model is designed to ensure a cost-effective quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are backed up by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team ensuring a quality solution and on time delivery. By switching between these two combinations of onshore and offshore teams Girikon ensures flexibility while meeting the customer’s requirements

We always maintain the highest level of quality with a significant cost reduction in comparison to our competitors using this model. 100% Onshore Salesforce Consultants can also be rewarding for our clients and therefore an option and ensure a successful project outcome.

Flexible: Girikon prides itself on the flexibility we provide to our clients once we become your trusted development Partner. You choose a models which are suitable to your needs. Salesforce Consulting Service model can last until the end of the engagement or can be customised at a future date. All our clients get all our attention, a great service with no overheads like our competitors.

Intellectual Property: You own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.


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