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Data Collection to Salesforce Made Easy

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Build, automate and launch. FAST!

Create custom forms and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce data across your entire organization.

Deploy code-free forms in Salesforce in minutes

Girikon’s Salesforce Form Builder is a powerful tool that empowers you to build and deploy forms and surveys in minutes in a code-less framework. Now you can capture information through any Salesforce object, standard (Lead, Account and Contact) or custom.

Salesforce Web Form Builder fast tracks productivity like never before.

Enable bi-directional data in Salesforce
Simply drag and drop.

Fetch data from any object in Salesforce, populate form fields, insert data back into Salesforce and access the data from the Salesforce administration home page.

Our Salesforce Web Form Builder Features

Lightning Enabled

GirikForm Builder works perfectly with Salesforce classic, as well as the Lightning platform i.e. salesforce lightning form builder.


Easily publish created forms on a variety of portals and solutions.

Bi-directional Data

GirikForm Builder enable two-way data exchange with Salesforce.

Drag & Drop Functionality

Create forms and map to Salesforce objects easily with drag and drop functionality.

Question Scores

GirikForm Builder for Salesforce allows you to assign weightage to questions, scores, and responses.

Customised Branding

Brand your forms for consistency in messaging.


Leverage conditional logic to create branching questions.

Customised Individual Questions

Completely customise the look and feel of individual questions with flexible formatting options

Dashboards and Reports

View data on Salesforce Dashboards and Reports for appropriate action.


Associate data with company hierarchy and set custom permissions for viewing data.

Additional Usability

Divide forms into sections or pages to augment the user experience.

Fully Responsive

Deliver fully responsive forms and surveys on any device.

Available on AppExchange
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Key Benefits
Go Live in no time.

Forms can also be cloned, eliminating the need to recreate them.

Empower Teams

Build and deploy forms without technical expertise with Form Builder’s intuitive interface.

Get limitless flexibility

Link your forms to any object in Salesforce. Publish to any app or workflow and capture data easily.

Here’s how you can get started
Step 1

Download GirikForm Builder from the Salesforce AppExchange and get started straight away.

One of our Salesforce Consultants will be in touch within 24 hours to necessary assistance if required.

Step 2

Start designing question templates.

The templates include configurable question types with the attributes such as Text, URL, Picklist, Checkbox, Slider and much more.

Step 3

Map Questions to Salesforce Objects with drag and drop functionality.

Ready to get started?

Learn how Girikon’s code less GirikForm Builder can help you automate processes and improve productivity.


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