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Computer Aided Dispatch System

Our CAD system has been designed mainly focused on the Law enforcement agencies & for emergency Services. CAD systems allow public safety operations and communications to be augmented, assisted, or partially controlled by an automated system. It can include, among other capabilities, computer-controlled emergency, vehicle dispatching, vehicle status, incident reporting, and management information. All aspects of a CAD system have been optimized for rapid response time and system reliability. Since time is of the essence, Our CAD system provides accurate data and time stamp for every activity.

Key Features of CAD

  • Enforcement agencies use CAD to facilitate incident response and communication in the field
  • CAD systems, in many cases, are the first point of entry for information coming into the enforcement system
  • CAD system functions include resource management, call taking, location verification, dispatching, unit status management, and call disposition
  • Mapping functionality, interface with mobile data computers (MDC), and interfaces with other external local, state, and federal information systems may be included
  • Call takers, dispatchers, and their supervisors are primary users of CAD
  • Units in the field may interact via mobile data computers

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