The Client partnered with Girikon – a reputed Salesforce consulting partner for implementing the Salesforce EDA Instance besides adopting the software to achieve a comprehensive view of their sales and marketing processes along with the student journeys. Girikon was preferred by the Client over other Salesforce partners due to their extensive experience working with companies having multiple divisions. Additionally, Girikon followed an agile methodology that empowered it to provide efficient and quality services to clients.

The onshore and offshore capabilities offered by Girikon allowed them to provide their clients with a competitive price structure. The client was looking to implement the Student Success Hub to ensure proper management and well-being of their students with Girikon being the first in the Asia-pacific region to implement Student Success Hub. The Client also implemented the Digital Engagement Module including Chat Bot and SMS functionality for seamless communication and enhanced support.

About the client

The client is a higher education not-for-profit institute that recently celebrated 100 years of offering high-quality, biblically-based instruction and training. Although the client is dedicated to its Baptist background, their student community represents a diverse variety of denominations. The client’s goal is to train students to utilise their studies in their fields of work, such as teaching, ministry, missionary work, accounting, nursing, or construction. Apart from this, the client offers training in leadership development, education, counseling, chaplaincy, evangelism, ministry, and theology is provided by the client.

At present, the client is undertaking a project related to Digital Transformation. As a part of this initiative, they are attempting to come up with a means of doing things more effectively. The Key objectives include reviewing the current digital ecosystem, implementing current business procedures, adopting a digital platform such as Salesforce to accommodate a 360-degree view of the student journey, and introducing key automation, and interoperability between their third-party systems.

The Problem

Listed below are the challenges faced by the client team:

  • Lack of an appropriate student welfare process and support system.
  • Lack of a proper tracking and analytical reporting system for monitoring student performance.
  • Lack of a 360-degree view of their student activities and journeys.
  • Lack of an Automated Appointment feature to assist students consult their faculty members and academic heads.
  • Lots of manual steps were undertaken by the Student Services team.
  • Lack of an appropriate feature to recognize and segregate low and high-priority cases communicated by students.
The solution

Girikon partnered with the client to ensure the successful implementation of the Student Success Hub, which helped them alleviate their pain points and increase their efficiency. The implementation of the software turned out to be a game-changer for the client and helped them in the following ways:

  • Manage the well-being process and support system of students efficiently.
  • Hassle-free tracking and analytical reporting of student performance
  • Get a 360-degree view of their student journeys and activities.
  • Provide students an option to connect with their faculty members and academic heads through the appointment feature.
  • Prioritize and manage high and low-priority cases coming from students among team members.
  • Have automated processes to enable the Student service team to manage events, tasks, and activities.
The Outcome

The implementation of the Students Success Hub by Girikon to match the client’s business processes were successful. Consequently, all the client’s business units are now stored in Salesforce and most of their data in Salesforce is now acting as a single source of truth.

Students are now able to raise their concerns easily via cases allowing the Student Services team to prioritise them. Additionally, scheduling appointments has never been this simple for both Students and the Services team. The services team can easily create reports and track Student’s performance, activities, and other related metrics.

Tasks, events, and activities management is now being streamlined and automated for the Student Services team.

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