The Background

As a part of business needs, the client used to import data from third party applications to Salesforce, which lead to duplicate contact records in their Salesforce instance creating a desperate need for a Salesforce app, capable of merging, all the duplicate records of contacts into a single contact within an account hierarchy.


The Challenge

Client wanted an app that they can use to merge all the duplicate contacts of single account hierarchy as well as all the accounts hierarchy of an Organization. The main challenge in this project that the Salesforce we can only merge three duplicate records at a time using the Apex Merge method.


The Girikon Team Solution

As per the client requirement, we  build a Salesforce custom app with a configuration screen where we can choose a single account hierarchy by providing the parent account details or select all account hierarchies to merge duplicate contact records.


The Result

With the solution of “Batch Process” i.e. Apex Batch, we were able to process records in batches asynchronously.

We developed

  • New Merge Duplicate screen to start the merge process.
  • All the related records of the merge contacts automatically assigned to the new master contact record.
  • The new merged contact record is automatically assigned to the top most parent account of the hierarchy.

The client has been able to remove all the duplicate contact records from Salesforce and have a holistic view of the business.

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