The Background

The client was seeking help with Salesforce custom Data loader App that would export a selected report’s data to a FTP server. The report data should be exported in CSV format to FTP server at a schedule time automatically. The scheduling of export should be configurable so that they can change the schedule time as per their requirement.

The Challenge

Client wanted the Salesforce report should be exported to a particular FTP location. The hurdle was that standard Salesforce Data loader App does not support FTP upload. Also the Client’s Salesforce Reports contained complex sub queries that were not supported in standard Data loader app.

The Girikon Team Solution

Our Solution comprised a custom Data loader app in JAVA which could run periodically as scheduled to download data from Salesforce and upload it to the selected and configurable FTP location.

The Result

With the solution of “Bulk Data Upload” and JAVA application, we were able to download millions of data records asynchronously.

The client got empowered to automatically download Salesforce report data in CSV format and upload it FTP server as a daily/scheduled operation.

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