healthcare staffing

Girikon’s team of Salesforce Consultants conducted a series of discovery workshops to understand the current application, as is business processes and recommended a series of changes including the a list of redundant features not meeting user expectations.

Salesforce Sales Cloud –

  • Project – Custom Solution for Healthcare Staffing Management
  • Industry -Healthcare Staffing
  • Client – Large Healthcare Staffing Firm in USA (800+ SF users)

Key highlights and features:

  • Extremely tailor-fit solution, automated & data intensive solution for simplified recruitment process [GetFyre integration]
  • Complex Integrations and Calculation intensive business Logic, Runtime backend bulk notifications
  • Automated, complex, document creation using SDocs for very professional presentation to Hospitals. Docusign & Quickbooks Integration
  • Automated paycheck calculations (including Per diem Meal, Lodging & Tax) for Orders. Complex State based burdens/Min Wage rule compliance and calculations [GSA & integrations]
  • Automated Resume Parsing for Qualifications, Domain skills, Work History details etc. [Rchilly Integration]
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