The Background

“eChange Request” is a website providing EChange application services in a Tab as a Service model. The system is used to manage requests (Clinical change request/ Finance change request/ Revenue Cycle change request) delivery to internal employees or external users and view them on Dashboards.

The Challenge

The main hurdle was to manage the huge number of forms with some common and some specific sections.

The Girikon Team Solution

The delivered solution was a generic apex class which manages the rendering of common fields and sections on the basis of selected name/type. A common dashboard with filters was created to manage the screening of submitted records to employees/external users.

The Result

We only added the new fields and added those fields in a section, that column automatically rendered on particular pages with the help of column name. After it there is no need to create the Full form for every Site and client now easily submit the different required forms and getting the solution from the different users/teams as form is submitted it goes to the routing team.

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