Orchard CMS is a free & open source project with reusability of components to develop ASP.NET applications. We can enable/install/download shared components to building ASP.NET applications. It helps us to develop own customized and content-centric ASP.NET applications availing the facility of existing modules and features

Latest Orchard version is 1.8.1 with the facility of that Orchard can be deployed to both Windows Azure Cloud Services and Windows Azure Web Sites. The beneficial aspects while developing site using Orchard CMS are:

  • 1. Theme Selection option : Provided default theme is very flexible which we can modify for CSS & design as per our requirements. And if we want to apply new theme to get a new look & feel from scratch, then it also can be done here and in admin desired theme can be set as current.

  • 2. Orchard Search: Orchard CMS does “Search” by keyword or query syntax for text or phrase. To get search feature, we need to enable “Search”, “Indexing” & “Lucene” modules from admin panel. Then create index, attach it to content type on which content we want to make search. Orchard query the index to get content items to display.

  • 3. Orchard Tags Module : Orchard.Tags module. Using this module it’s very easy to save tags with custom items & display the list of items along under their specific tag(s) as well as the search on those tags.

  • 4. Orchard Blogs & Blog comments :
    Now a day’s almost every Content Management System has some specific features like Pages, Blogs and Blog Posts and same as in Orchard.

    Blogs are by default enable in Orchard and can’t set disable

    but we can enable and disable comments for blog, also can put conditions e.g. whether we want to allow threaded comments or not.

    Comments are what make a blog/website more interactive and more social.

  • 5. Voting & Stars : Rating is the feature by which we can facilitate user to vote our site content. To make it working first of all we need to enable “Voting” module and then “Stars” module.

Now we can use stars for to vote. We need to edit content type to add the Stars part to it. “Stars” module will show 5 stars to vote by click any of those. Voting will calculate and store values automatically.

Finally, the best part of Orchard CMS is that we can enhance/customize it as per our requirement e.g. Can develop new module, create Widgets/Taxonomies/Workflows/Indexes etc. Cheers!
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