Main Part: Store huge datasets in “almost” SQL cassandra db Key Features of Cassandra DB:
  • Querying by key, or key range (secondary indices are also available)
  • Data can have expiration (set on INSERT)
  • Writes can be much faster than reads (when reads are disk-bound)
  • Map/reduce possible with Apache Hadoop
  • All nodes are similar, as opposed to Hadoop/HBase
  • Very good and reliable cross-datacenter replication
  • Distributed counter data type
  • You can write triggers in Java
Cassandra_Write-Data-Flow-1024x661 Best use: When you need to store data so huge that it doesn’t fit on server, but still want a friendly familiar interface to it. Examples: Web analytics, to count hits by hour, by browser, by IP, etc. Transaction logging. Data collection from huge sensor arrays. Regards, Alok
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