Ideally Big Data is term for large and huge amount of data. Now a day’s data piles are growing exponentially. This data is coming from various sources like call logs, web logs, digital transactions, social media posts, sensors data & log, pictures, videos and everything which is digital is contributing.


Whereas Big Data doesn’t specifically indicates to any size or quantity, yet it is referred when we talk for data of petabytes and exabytes. Now Big Data is an evolving & popular term and in the current age main challenge with this plenty amount of data is how to manage it and how to get productive information from here.

There are three prime factors of Big Data:


1. Volume : Analytics on massive amount of data
2. Velocity : Faster & robust transactions with uninterrupted availability
3. Variety : Wide variety of data from different scenarios.
Where our traditional techniques are inadequate to process high volume of data , Big Data makes your business more agile, flexible and swift and to convert potential data into useful information. Dealing with larger datasets it help us to manage both structured semi-structured or un-structured data. Because traditional applications or databases takes too much time to load voluminous data and obviously costs too much, new approaches use complex algorithms for the same thing which reduces time and cost both. In such mechanism main focus is on mining for information rather than emphasizing on data schema and data quality.


Following are few references of that technologies which born to handle this buzzword “Big Data”.

  • Cassandra DB,
  • MongoDB,
  • HBase,
  • ElasticSearch,
  • Apache Cassandra etc

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