Main point: Retains some friendly properties of SQL. (Query, index)


Key Features Of Mongo DB:

  • Master/slave replication (auto failover with replica sets)
  • Sharding built-in Queries are javascript expressions
  • Run arbitrary javascript functions server-side
  • Better update-in-place than CouchDB
  • Uses memory mapped files for data storage
  • Performance over features
  • Journaling (with –journal) is best turned on
  • On 32bit systems, limited to ~2.5Gb
  • Text search integrated
  • GridFS to store big data + metadata (not actually an FS)
  • Has geospatial indexing
  • Data center aware


Best used: If you need dynamic queries. If you prefer to define indexes, not map/reduce functions. If you need good performance on a big DB. If you wanted CouchDB, but your data changes too much, filling up disks.

Examples: For most things that you would do with MySQL or PostgreSQL, but having predefined columns really holds you back.

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