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The wide acceptance of the J2EE platform in the software industry is evidence of its status as a platform of choice for enterprise application development.J2EE offers several features that accelerate time-to-market. For example, state management services enable developers to write less code and not worry about managing state, resulting in a higher degree of rapid application development. State management services enable you to build components that hold state. Persistence services (entity beans) enable developers to write applications without coding data access logic, resulting in leaner, database-independent applications that are easier to build and maintain. Programmatic transactions allow you to have greater transactional control. In addition, custom tags are extremely powerful, and empower developers and web designers to easily collaborate.Girikon has the experience and the technical knowhow to assist you in designing, developing and deploying open standard infrastructure solutions based on J2EE, and related standards.

We have experience of more than 1, 50,000 project hours on Atlassian tools implementation, customization, integration with other tools and custom plugins.

Java Consulting

As consulting partners, we suggest best practices, appropriate frameworks, and optimal solutions to clients. The Java team also provides consulting and assistance in migrating apps to the Java platform.

Development and Maintenance

Web applications are built by combining the correct tools, frameworks and processes. At Girikon, we do not limit ourselves to development projects alone. We extend our service to include enhancements as well as maintenance of existing applications while working on entirely new ones.

Migration of Application

Migration of applications from other languages such as .NET and legacy systems are carried out after careful considerations. We conduct an analysis of the existing system architecture and discern the business requirement before migrating.

Related technologies

JAVA J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, EJB, JavaMail, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, Applets, Java Swing


OS’s Windows, Linux, UNIX

Development tools Ant, CVS, Code CO-OP, JBuilder, jikes, IntelliJ, WINCVS, VisualCafe, VisualAge, Visual Slick Edit

Servers WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, JRun, WebSphere, SoniqMQ, XML Canon, GLUE.

Methodologies UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP, XProgramming

Why Choose Us

Quality with On Time Delivery: We maintain the highest quality standards and strict guidelines. Along with highest quality we strictly follows delivery timeline and it’s always done on time.

Experienced: Girikon today has over 200+ Technocrats working onsite and offshore for Fortune 1000 clients. We have delivered more than 200+ projects having over 2, 50,000 hours of development experience.

Cost-Effective: Our business model is to provide cost effective onsite Consulting followed by a mixed offshore and onsite solution. This model helps us in keeping customers development costs low while providing world class and quality development support. With Girikon’s unique team combination model we deliver the same productivity level with a 50-70% cost reduction.

Flexible: As a flexible partner we give our clients the flexibility to choose service model from the day one of project and if needed can customize further at a future date. Our models include pure onsite, onsite/offshore, onshore/offshore and pure offshore teams.

You Own the IP: You will own the source code and Intellectual Property of the work we do for you under our Agreement.


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