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Girikon was formed to bridge a recognizable gap preventing retailers from expanding their success online. In the early days this gap was largely technology oriented. Today these gaps include the effective utilization of e-commerce systems, integration with existing business systems, and delivering fast, fun, and friendly user experiences.

For over 13 years, our team has been delivering superior e-commerce solutions centred on helping our Clients drive revenues and scale. We started by creating custom softwares for each Client and quickly realized that we were solving the same business challenges each time. In 2004, we designed a robust and scalable ecommerce SaaS platform that would power all future Clients.

We measure our Clients success through an increase in revenue, higher per-order value and improved checkout conversion rates. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed in their e-Commerce journey and this is our primary mission

Your e-Commerce Partner

Girikon believes the fundamental ingredient to a successful client-vendor relationship includes commitment to continuous improvement, transparency, and an overall partnership philosophy. We have experience of more than 1, 50,000 project hours on e-Commerce implementation, customization, integration with other tools and custom plugins.

Reasons to Re-platform

Industry research has shown the top reasons for changing e-commerce vendors are related to the platform and service. Typical challenges include business process integration, accelerating consumer experiences, and improved business management tools. Retailers are often finding it faster to move to a new platform versus waiting for their provider to catch up. Girikon has recognized this gap for years and has committed to stay ahead of the platform curve while providing excellent customer service.

Our Platform

We understand the evolution of your e-Store must be more than just an impressive design. In fact, Website Creative is only 1 of 3 core elements in every e-commerce project. The Girikon on-demand platform is an integrated frontend and backend system that enables a totally customized B2B and B2C user experiences through our network of design partners.

Why Girikon E-Commerce

Rapid Time to Market: Through our on-demand delivery model, we significantly reduce the risk of project delays and enable shorter projects that focus on the most strategic elements of your business.

Investment Protection & Competitive Advantage: We are committed to continuous improvements and introduce 4-6 major feature releases per year that are available at no additional cost.

Accountability through Service Level Agreements (SLAs): We are focused on long-term, mutually successful partnerships with our Clients. You manage risk through a comprehensive SLA that holds us accountable for the uptime, performance, and integrity of your website.

Ongoing Account Management: We invest in your success by assigning a dedicated e-commerce Account Manager to your account. This person is accountable for your satisfaction and helps you achieve your goals each year.

Dynamic Merchandising Control: Through easy-to-use web interfaces and scheduling engine, Order Dynamics puts the control over your website into the hands of business users, limiting changes by IT.

Low Impact on IT: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery of your e-commerce platform provides the optimal balance of security, availability, scalability, and affordability for retailers with limited IT resources.

Deep Migration Experience: Our implementation team handles every detail like multiple websites, feeds, content, images, order history, customer records, SEO, existing URLs, organic links, and unique backend integration needs.


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