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DevOps Automation

DevOps is a collection of strategies built around the fact all facets of your organization must be aligned towards the goal of rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services while breaking down silos, removing bottlenecks and eliminating inefficiencies. The objective of DevOps is that your technology organisation should be enabled in a way such that the you can react quickly to ever-changing market requirements and win the competition. The biggest enabler to achieve DevOps in your organisation is automation. DevOps is considered to be a new approach to the more traditional application lifecycle management (ALM) process.

Automated Infrastructure

Girikon experts works with customer to understand their existing processes, requirements and bottlenecks, come up with DevOps automation roadmap and implement solution in a phased manner. Girikon have deep experience to architect and deploy fully stack-provisioning solutions using Razor, Crowbar, cloud provisioning (using libcloud , jcloud and fog, etc) to operating system and application configurations (using Cloud Formation and Salt, Chef, Puppet,) and associated required services.

CI (Continuous Integration) and Delivery Pipelines

Continuous Delivery provides automated feedback of the readiness of an application release build for production every time a change is applied to application code, configuration, infrastructure and data.

Girikon works with customers to design and deploy Continuous Integration/Delivery pipelines, develop automated test suites and automate code/build Management.

Girikon has deep expertise in designing and deploying Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines including

  • One click build and deployment automation
  • Automated testing
  • Defining promotion processes for release candidates
  • Custom dashboards for cross team visibility.

Custom Development: Custom Dashboards and Tools

The DevOps and Infrastructure Automation ecosystem consists of several tools that provide bootstrapping, provisioning, orchestration, reporting and monitoring solutions. Based on the business requirements, custom specific workflows can be built that uses these tools to provide efficient automation solution with easy operations management.

Why Choose Us

Quality with On Time Delivery: We maintain the highest quality standards and strict guidelines. Along with highest quality we strictly follows delivery timeline and it’s always done on time.

Experienced: Girikon today has over 200 Technocrats working onsite and offshore for Fortune 1000 clients. We have delivered more than 100+ Atlassian projects having over 1, 50,000 hours of Atlassian development experience.

Cost-Effective: Our business model is to provide cost effective onsite Consulting followed y a mixed offshore and onsite solution. This model helps us in keeping customers development costs low while providing world class and quality development support. With Girikon’s unique team combination model we deliver the same productivity level with a 50-70% cost reduction.

Flexible: As a flexible partner we give our clients the flexibility to choose service model from the day one of project and if needed can customize further at a future date. Our models include pure onsite, onsite/offshore, onshore/offshore and pure offshore teams.

You Own the IP: You will own the source code and Intellectual Property of the work we do for you under our Agreement.


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