Salesforce Einstien is Salesforce CRM infused with artificial intelligence to provide better insight about the data to the marketing and sales departments.

Salesforce Einstein is backed with Deep Learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, Machine Learning, and smart data discovery.

Each version of Einstein is customized as per the customer. The model learns by its own and behaves as per every interaction and data.

Salesforce Einstein Voice

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Einstein Voice was introduced at Dreamforce ’18 event. Einstein Voice consists of two products- Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots.

Einstein Voice Assistant will enable the sales rep to verbally log (record) the meeting notes, updates about the meeting, any fresh idea or new lead into the Salesforce mobile app.

Now each time a sales rep gets any new data or need to update anything related to their associated records in the Salesforce then instead of texting or manually updating the information, he can just use Einstein Voice Assistant to update the record or log new piece of information.

Salesforce Einstien

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On the other hand, Einstein Voice Bot allows the customers to build their own voice-activated assistant and customize for their company.

Clearly, Einstein Voice will change the data entry game forever and allow the sales resp to capture more leads and close them on time leading to more business for their company. These voice bots can be used on Google Home, Alexa devices and other voice platforms as well.

Normally a sales rep’s day starts mail checking, putting reminders of things which needs to be achieved through the day, upcoming meetings. Now with Salesforce Einstein Voice, a sales rep can start the day with voice-activated details about upcoming meetings and tasks with the help of smart speakers or phone’s speaker.

A sales rep can record notes in the Salesforce mobile app by talking to their mobile device while driving or on the go. Einstein Voice with the help of AI can also automatically analyze the captured notes and relate the keywords like name, company name to the associated records like opportunities, accounts, contacts.

After relating to the associated records, it will also suggest follow-up tasks linked with the new updates so that the sales rep can close the deal.

salesforce implementation

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Apart from capturing meeting notes, Einstein can open and review any Salesforce dashboard and display reports. It can also share meeting knowledge with the participants of the meeting.

Let’s hope that Einstein Voice helps in improving customer services and taking it to the next level. Here at Girikon, we have worked with Salesforce Einstein and delivered several projects successfully. In case you need any assistance in the Salesforce Implementation or Salesforce Einstein then please feel free to reach out to us at

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