The true potential of image recognition has been utilised by Salesforce Einstein.

Isn’t exceptional if we have something that categorises customer into similar groups by filtering keywords in customer reviews and other media to group related cases and assign them to the accountable customer service executive. It will enhance customers service process leaving high customer satisfaction rate.

With the adoption of image recognition, the business can better understand customer preferences and lifestyle through their social media images and their other actions.

This is achievable with Salesforce Einstein Vision and its ability to recognise the image. Now, the user can leverage pre-trained classifiers such as food, picture, general or multi-label images in any app with just a few clicks.

Einstein vision makes it possible by creating API learning models for every possible use case that include visual search, brand detection, and object identification. It also works on signature prediction, Salesforce Einstein Vision API helps to upload signature image data sets in the Einstein Platform Service Account, train datasets and classify a signature image to get the Einstein prediction result. A Salesforce Consultants are doing best to map the business need with Salesforce Einstein peculiarities.

Salesforce has also introducing Einstein Vision for Social Studio, delivering AI-powered image recognition directly within Marketing Cloud’s social media marketing solution. Now, marketers can automate the discovery and identification of images, and respond appropriately. By understanding the photos that consumers post, marketers are empowered to reach consumers even when they have not specifically mentioned a brand, product or service by name.

Einstein Vision is designed using Salesforce Research’s computer vision discoveries and has created a simplified solution for all the complexities of AI for customers. This advances image recognition are making help towards success in a new era by enabling companies to discover insights about customers and predict consequences that lead to intelligent arrangements. The power of AI will be implemented in the Salesforce Community and we all are excited to see the power of AI in CRM.

Girikon as a Salesforce Consulting Partner has implemented Salesforce Einstein Vision making businesses develop and achieve a tremendous level of customer satisfaction.

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Uditi Jain
Uditi contributes as Business Analyst for Salesforce services at Girikon. She started her career in analysis, directing first on business development and later moved to business analysis and project management. She has worked with other Salesforce consulting companies to drive sales success and manage post/pre-sales. When she's not geeking out on the work, she can be seen watching movies.
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