Let us start this blog by defining the meaning of a Salesforce Trailblazer. A trailblazer is a person who is not afraid of learning new things, does innovative work and most importantly, a person who builds a better world for others. (Source)

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As per my view, Salesforce knowledge & experience will not make a difference if you are unable to handle a Salesforce Implementation like a true Trailblazer. Only implementing a solution will not help, you have to make sure that the users for whom the solution is developed also start using it in their day to day activities.

It will not matter if the developed Salesforce solution is for 5 or 50 users if their user adoption is not as per the expectation. All the development effort will go in vain. So to avoid this kind of situation, I will be explaining a few points which will help you in preparing your users for the Salesforce Implementation.

Notify the users before implementation:

You can start educating the users 1 or 2 months prior to the implementation. Begin with teaser mail, pamphlets, newsletters, etc., and when you get closer to the implementation date then conduct one to one training so that user adoption is smooth and the user will also not find that hard to settle with the new system.

When you start working on the new feature make sure that the new feature doesn’t break the existing functionality. Before beginning the work, check the feasibility and impact. Take the responsibility for the work and its data. Make sure nothing is lost while coding.

Plan the release in phase:

Plan your project in various modules and implement them one by one. Release one module at a time and let users get accustomed to that module and then release another module. Keep some gap between the release of two modules so that the users get time to use the module in their work.

Support to the users:

After the transition, provide hands-on training to all the users and resolve all the queries asked by the users. Sometime, a user may get confused by seeing the new changes and may ask minor things about the feature. Be patient and answer all the questions asked and show them how to achieve it.

If you will show confidence in your work, then they will get the confidence in using it. Most important, never be afraid of feedback (especially negative) as from your point of view you developed features to enhance the productivity but from the user’s point of view, it will be an extra work as they have to work and learn a new system.

That’s all folks for today. That’s all for this article, in case you need Salesforce Consultant then please feel free to reach out to us at sales@girikon.com

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