Girikon’s Salesforce Consulting Services team are certified and experienced with both Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They have a depth of knowledge about both automated marketing solutions and have many insights to share.

Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are both marketing automation solutions where Pardot can be seen as a tool, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is seen a comprehensive toolkit for Marketeers. Both Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud both allow for a level of social media sharing through their tool/toolkit and both also grant a user access for building custom email campaigns.

Despite these similarities, Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud have some differences including the Lead Scoring Model. does not include a lead scoring model however Pardot has default scoring functionality and model that allows for various prospect activities to be scored. In this Blog our Salesforce Consultant will endeavor to show a user how to generate lead scoring from Email based on [_Sent], [_Open] & [_Click] Data Views.

Data from [ _sent ] , [ _open ] & [ _click ] by join operation in query to be saved in Data Extension ‘ DE_1’ :

Simple perform a Query and join these data view in a separate Data Extension based on your JobID.


                  from [ _sent ] as a full JOIN [ _open ] as b on 
                   a.[subscriberkey]= b.[subscriberkey] full join [ _click ] as c
                      on b.[ subscriberkey ] =  c.[ subscriberkey ]
                       Where a.[ JobId ] = < JobID >.

For your reference

: join syntax:


Create a Data Extension with default score value and save it in Data Extension ‘DE_2’:

Import a file containing subscriber key & Initial Score using Import wizard and save these records in separate Data Extension.

Note: At least match a few SubscriberKey with ‘DE_1’ while creating import file.


Join the two Data (DE_1 & DE_2) Extensions and save it to third Data Extension (DE_3):

Using case Statement in Query increment or decrement your Initial Score and save it in ‘Updated Score’ field in the target Data Extension which I have mentioned below in figure (3.2). Along with join these two Data Extension and save it to the Third Data Extension using Query based on SubscriberKey.

       WHEN a.[ < Column name > ]  IS NOT NULL 
         THEN [ Initial Score ] +  
          ELSE [ Initial Score ]
          END AS  [ Updated Score ] 
For reference: Case Statement  :

Create an Automation and Run the following Activities:


After Running these Activities in Automation your records will be updated in Data Extension with updated score:


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