Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It offers which offers great products in almost every field such as Sales, Support, Marketing, etc., and aids all kind of businesses (big or small) in their day to day activities.


Girikon’s Girikon’s Salesforce Consulting Services Team member Nirupuma Shree discusses some of the key features of Salesforce which have aided business’ in their everyday activities:

Contact Management-

In the Salesforce, the sales rep can record the contact details and then track their progress against a company (Account) which is linked and opportunities they are tagged. The tracking is seamless and with teeny-weeny human effort.

As Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, it gives freedom to the user to add or edit contact’s information anywhere and at any point of time and the users will have the updated contact details available to them instantly.

Social CRM

By integrating Social CRM with Salesforce CRM, the sales rep can also view and examine the conversation (with salespeople) that contacts are having on social networks.

Opportunity Pipeline Management-

With Salesforce Opportunity Management, the sales rep can focus more on closing a deal. Track minute details on the opportunity detail page without missing out on any of it. The sales rep can track the products tagged to an opportunity and its price, quantity and product type


The user can set up payment terms, special instructions or any other details. The user can generate quotes & contracts automatically by setting up workflows and on the selected templates.

Analytics and Forecasting-

With the help of Einstein Analytics, the sales rep can view business data at a glance. Salesforce offers customizable dashboards and reporting tools which provide key performance data and much more to boost sales.

Through Salesforce Forecasting, the sales rep can get an expected sales revenue based on the roll-up of a set of opportunities.


Marketing Campaigns-

Salesforce Marketing Campaigns can benefit the users in several ways like assisting in setting up Google AdWords, sending campaigns across multiple channels and getting leads to the CRM from the campaigns sent.

Let us also discuss some of the key benefits which sales rep receive by using Salesforce CRM:

Integrations with the 3rd Party Applications-

The user has the liberty to install Salesforce apps such as the Smart SMS from Girikon into the Salesforce Org without the need of programming. Most of the applications have some basic steps for installation which helps in installation.

Easily Accessible-

The Sales rep can access their data, records anytime and anywhere on Salesforce CRM, thanks to its mobile app. It is a perfect tool for users who want to get connected to their sales members and to the sales rep who wants to get updated with the progress of their opportunities.

Setting up Activities-

Salesforce offers a wide range of features which can be used by the Sales Managers to keep things moving. They can create a task or tasks and assign to their team members, send mail to the client from the record detail page.


With this, I am ending today’s article on Salesforce CRM – Key Features & Benefits. Apart from the above-mentioned features & benefits, there are abundant of features which help sales reps to close deals. If you have any query related to this article or want to know more about Salesforce CRM or if you require Salesforce Consulting Services, then do contact us at

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