SteelBrick is now Salesforce Quote-to-Cash. The information is doing the rounds but what should it mean to you, the Salesforce users?

Why Automated Quote-to-Cash

To come to a conclusion on this, let’s first evaluate if you should even spend time thinking about this. The answer is “yes” if you are experiencing any of these situations in your business:

  • Errors or mismatches in the quote items configured by your Sales Reps
  • Sales Reps reporting challenges in maintaining price lists and discounting
  • Quoting process is very time-consuming and requires several reviews. It takes really long to get an approved quote to a prospect
  • Any issues with accepted proposal getting transformed into an order and in managing invoicing and revenue recognition
  • No visibility into the your sales pipeline

Quote-to-Cash is one of the most Critical Business Process as it drives revenue for the organization. It is the critical link that starts with the customer’s intention to buy and ends with the bank cash registers ringing for the organization. Quote-to-Cash encompasses a whole lot of processes, the entirety of sales, contract, and customer relationship lifecycles.

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

The Quote-to-Cash begins with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)—configuring the offer, developing the appropriate pricing, and creating the quote. It continues on through negotiations, invoicing, payment, and even renewals and renegotiation. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash solutions are built to streamline and automate these processes.

salesforce quote to cash

The Salesforce Quote Quote-to-Cash can help catapult businesses to the next levels with solutions around:

  • Efficient Sales Quotes
    • Price and Quote – Accurate customer-friendly quotes, with pricing discounts thrown in as applicable, now become so easy!
    • Guided Selling – Sales reps are now able to select the right products and services for each customer every time
    • Salesforce CPQ for Communities – This accelerates channel sales making it easy for partners to sell your products and services.
    • Orders and Renewals – Convert quotes to clean orders easily
    • Product Configurator- Business rules and logic based products and service configuration.
  • Proposals & Contracts
    • Proposal Generator – Enhance branding through professional proposals.
    • Manage Contracts – Super fast creation and management of professional sales contracts
  • Revenue & Subscriptions
    • Invoice – With an automated invoicing process, invoices can be created on the move frm any device.
    • Manage Sales Tax and VAT – Selling and billing in multiple currencies becomes so easy. All tax calculation are taken care of.
    • Subscription Billing – Subscription renewals will never be missed now.
    • Revenue Recognition – Instant revenue related reporting and dash boarding around quotes, orders, invoices and payments.
    • Payments – Non-complicated payments collection and management, without processing complications.

Benefits of an Automated Quote-to-Cash Process

  • Greater business efficiency
  • Increased accuracy
  • Better visibility from initial quote to final payment
  • Drives innovation through the organization to reduce delays and bring in efficacy
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