Salesforce launched Lightning Voice feature in its Summer’16 release to connect to your customers in a whole new way i.e. to support the customers anywhere in the world with any telephony environment. It is out of the box solution through which Voice Calls can be generated within Sales Cloud. Now, Users will be able to make calls, receive calls or automatically log calls, take notes all within a single platform. Also the Salesperson has the ability to localize the person & thus match the contact’s region.

It is the easiest way which Salesforce committed for interacting with clients. Now, Salespeople can sell faster & smarter after the delivery of Lightning Voice in Sales Cloud.

The major advantages:

  • Increase Sales productivity – Users can speed up the process of calling a customer or prospect by dialing them with a single click from Sales Cloud Lightning. In additional feature when a Lead, Contact or Account is created in the field Sales Team will get the notification along with the Account record created & automatically the Account record gets created which contains the Contact Number of the clients so that the Sales Person can instantly call them with a single click.
  • Deal with Smarter conversations – Communication gets new dimensions with Lightning Voice. Whenever the prospects call the answering can be easily done within the Sales Cloud by the reps & also they can view the prospects valuable data along with their Sales history.
  • Automatically Log Calls – With Lightning Voice process, any inbound i.e. call by the Prospects or outbound call i.e. calls by reps can be done.
  • Take the Notes – During a call, the Users can instantly make down their Notes against the call record for Follow Up or if any work has to be done which will thus get save in the record.
  • Sales People to localize the number to match the Contact’s region – Users can choose a number i.e. local to the Contact’s number & when the call comes in you can navigate directly to the Contact’s number & then can be called directly within Salesforce.
  • Reduce Data Entry & thus increases productivity – Now during a call only we can make notes for the reminder purpose & thus we can say bye to sticky notes or napkin scribbles.
  • Time saving: The usage of Lightning Voice saves time and also manual efforts.

Ease in taking notes

Note-taking section is inbuilt in Lightning Voice. This section pops up while talking with the customer. The notes will be automatically stored against the call record as soon as we move on to the next call.
  • The multitasking ability – Lightning Voice has the multitasking feature. It helps us call the customers, take notes and record the details simultaneously without switching apps or devices.
  • Automatic call-logging – Now, there is no need to write down the details of a call. It will be automatically done after each call.
  • Increased productivity –Speed, reduced data entry and multitasking feature altogether means improved productivity.

Pricing & Availability:

Lightning Voice is available in Sales Cloud Lightning since July 2016 for Sales Cloud Lightning Users. It is available for the Users of US & Canada.

Lightning Voice Prices:

Outbound calls are available for $45 per user, per month – It provides click to dial functionality & also provides 2,000 total talk time per user per month.
Inbound calls are available for $5 per user, per month – It provides the acceptance of incoming calls.
In order to close the deal in your favor, you need to have the complete data about the customer at your fingertips. With the help of Lightning Voice, you can have all the relevant data related to the deal while you are on the call with your customer. Now, all the communications which you will have or had with the customers – including call history and call note are not just accessible to you and your sales team. But also anyone engaging with that record can access the data to provide a whole new level of customer engagement.

1) This feature is available for Lightning experience only.
2) As of now, outgoing calls are available for US & Canada only.
3) It provides an Outbound Call Product along with the optional inbound calling product.
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