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Level up your sales, service, and marketing game with our reliable Salesforce services

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Level up your sales, service, and marketing game with our reliable Salesforce services.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Implementation Services covers the entire journey of CRM adoption, from consulting and deployment to training and support. We leverage our extensive experience and expertise on the Salesforce platform to configure and customize Salesforce to facilitate an accelerated digital transformation for businesses.

Our customer-centric approach to Salesforce implementation empowers us to build and deliver solutions tailored to your business needs while enabling you to become more efficient and effective. Whether it is automating complex business processes or integrating and streamlining systems, our experienced Salesforce implementation partners address your unique business challenge in the most appropriate way. Our services span across various industry verticals, including education, banking and financial services, IT, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, not-for-profit and more.

Our team of Salesforce Implementation partners strives to align with your vision and push the boundaries to make the most of the Salesforce platform while ensuring successful implementation. We have helped businesses across continents transform the way they work. Over the years, we have successfully accomplished hundreds of implementation projects with varied levels of complexity.

Why Choose Girikon for Salesforce Implementation Services?

Our Salesforce Implementation team has the breadth and depth of industry-specific experience and expertise to transform your long-term vision to sustainable success. By partnering with us, you will get expert guidance at every step of your Salesforce journey.


Our ISO 9001 certification ensures the quality of delivery to our customers. Our certified Salesforce Implementation Consultants work closely with customer teams to continuously enhance business processes to deliver better and faster business outcomes.

360-Degree Accountability

We strive to bring your most ambitious vision to life with our focused commitment to derive maximum value from Salesforce.

Direct access to innovation

Access the limitless possibilities of Salesforce with best-in-class engineering and integration capability and the latest platform upgrades.

World Class Salesforce expertise

Leverage 10-plus years of Salesforce experience and a global delivery model working with customers across continents to build upon the latest technology offerings from the Salesforce platform.


We allow our customers complete freedom to choose an engagement model that best meet their needs. Besides, we also provide them the flexibility to change the service model as they move ahead.

Faster implementations
Increase in project success
Faster release adoption
Our Salesforce Implementation Process
Discovery and Envisioning

In this phase, our Salesforce consultants work closely with your teams to understand and log your business goals, processes, and technology systems, which allows them to establish an implementation approach that best meets your business needs.

Salesforce implementation partner
Salesforce implementation partners
Salesforce Product Setup

Our experts will work closely with you to select the Salesforce products that best meet your needs. We will help you configure and customize all the selected Salesforce products in alignment with your goals. Our team of professionals will customize templates, workflows, and access protocols to implement process automation on Salesforce. With custom reports and dashboards, they will help you uncover valuable insights into your data and empower you to take better and faster decisions.

Agile Development

With our agile approach to implementation, we help you make minor modifications to bring about significant efficiency in your day-to-day operations. Our experts have the skills and experience to build and deploy customized solutions using the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce implementation services
Salesforce implementation
Legacy Data Migration

Our Salesforce implementation consultants have expertise in migrating data from any legacy system to Salesforce. Our experts have the experience and skills required to deal with the complex challenges associated with data migration. Our Data Migration Services include data import, cleaning, de-duplication, standardization, and synchronization.

Bolt-on Integration

Our Salesforce professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to undertake bolt integrations with other cloud systems. We have worked with custom-built adaptors, as well as configuring pre-built ones.

Salesforce implementation consultants
salesforce implementation company
Support, Training & Documentation

As a certified Salesforce Partner, we have a global team of proficient and experienced Salesforce professionals who can deliver best-in-class services to help you with support, maintenance, and training needs.

An implementation partner is a Salesforce certified organization that has years of experience in deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) system for a company. They work to understand a company’s business challenges, recommend adjustments to workflows and processes, integrate existing systems with Salesforce, migrate legacy data into Salesforce, and provide employee training.
When considering potential partners, it is important to evaluate several key criteria. These may include a partner’s past performance track record, technical capabilities, alignment with your industry or desired solutions, and company culture compatibility. For instance, to gain more insight into a partner’s track record, one can examine case studies and customer success stories published on their corporate website. Additionally, visiting the Salesforce AppExchange to read third-party reviews can provide a sense of a partner’s real-world performance. A thorough due diligence process across these pertinent factors can help ensure the selection of an optimal partner well-suited to the needs of your organization.
Most Salesforce implementations require dedicated resources to oversee the process. A typical implementation project utilizes a Salesforce consultant for configuration and adoption, a Salesforce developer for customization work, and a project manager to coordinate efforts. For organizations new to the Salesforce platform, engaging an implementation partner can smooth the deployment. Implementation partners offer expertise in the current Salesforce release as well as optimal implementation strategies based on industry best practices. Leveraging a partner’s knowledge allows customers to better maximize their return on investment and transform business processes through effective use of the platform’s capabilities.
Salesforce implementation is basically getting a company’s customer relationship management system, their CRM, up and running on the Salesforce platform. It can include different things depending on what the company specifically needs. Usually it involves finding out how employees currently do their jobs and what info they need, coming up with a plan for setting everything up, connecting Salesforce to other systems they use, getting all their customer and business data moved over, training people how to use it, and then checking back later to see how it’s going. The goal is to help streamline things and have all their important business info in one centralized place.

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